i'm so much closer than i have ever known

i live for the night's i'll never remember, and the friends i'll never forget.

10 March
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Date Created:10-25-02
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Jaimie is fun and easy going. Usually down for whatever, unless it involves smoking crack out of a lightbulb. She likes to spend money on clothes, good music and junk food. She's majoring in business education because she wants to coach High School cheerleading. Makes sense.
Strengths: Can put up with almost anyone, forgiving, loyal, easygoing, likes to have fun, acts like a kid and is optimistic.
Weaknesses: Boys who make her smile. Ha, and... Telling secrets, talking lots of shit, really bad at painting nails and doesn't like beer.
Special Skills: Cartwheel expert, rapping to 50 cent, driving manual trucks, treading glacier water, setting up tents, singing something corporate, taking double shots of captain morgans spiced rum...
Weapons: Mackenzie, muy tai bare-knuckle fighting, swan diving off couches, running into you with my mercury sable and kicking in my sleep.
Motto: Some dance to remember, some dance to forget, and some don't remember dancing...

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