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--------> love
you're hooked up already goof haha. but ------------>love back.
you're crazy. you're already hooked up. even without the LOVE you were hooked up.

but thanks. =)


13 years ago


13 years ago

Hey I'm from Idaho, I go to UI.. I added ya to my friends list, thought maybe you'd add me back :)
uhh can i be added 2?
of course.

anything for mackenzie's love.



April 15 2004, 14:59:07 UTC 13 years ago

ryan hayes is gay...is he good as he says?
ryan hayes is definitely not gay.

and no, he's better than he says.

Re: .3126


13 years ago


April 15 2004, 15:10:49 UTC 13 years ago

was troy good? or maybe it was billy...no no gay pat? or maybe MACKENZIE
1. don't talk to me about troy.
2. billy was the best.
3. pat's not gay, i know for a fact. we did it.
4. mackenzies the only girl i'd ever do.


13 years ago

Nicca. I'm the best she's will ever had...u just jealous she gets to tap my gay ass. Its okay i would be jealous too if i wasn't tapping ur ass. LOL ... stupid people...nothing else better to do then cause drama.get ur own livejournal.
shit homie...i forgot..."ur just jealous."


April 15 2004, 21:29:26 UTC 13 years ago

this is ryan hayes and im 100% sure im not gay. but its alright if you want to say im gay whatever flips your skirt, and i have never told anyone that i was good at anything so fuck off

who is this anyways?
yeah, i'm with Jaimie on this one. I tapped Pat too or wait, he tapped me. Whatever you know what I mean. The point is, he's not gay and I dont wanna hear any more about it k? Ryan's not gay either. Get your own damn live journal and write your own bullshit in there. I'm sick of people's fuckin drama so get a fuckin life you fuck face.

You know WHAT?! I think you're the gay one cuz you're not even man enough or woman enuf whatever to say who you are. So, go fuck yourself and save the DRAMA FO YO MAMA!

Jaimie, last night was so hott. That thing you did... wow. I hope we're on for this weekend, things are liable to get out of control.
Jaimieeeeeee. me. i love.
hey.. add me again? let me know

heyy add me....

Re: heyyy


13 years ago

Guess what. I'm going to add you to my Friends List. Then we can talk about all this crazy UI stuff more and more. :)
My favorite part of this is the fact that we're wearing eachother's pants.
Me too.
love the pic.
Hi im Skai Johannsen your lovable norwegian add me lol
Thats a cute picture!!!

Add me if you want.
Can I be added sometime?
for sure my love.
May I be added?
Jaimie! I wasn't aware you had an LJ- if you don't mind me seeing your thoughts, I'd love to be added!
heyyyy you should add my LJ
agirlnamedlinzy =)