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i'm so much closer than i have ever known

i live for the night's i'll never remember, and the friends i'll never forget.

6/4/06 11:43 pm - Alaska Shirt Company.

Yes we take U.S. currency, Alaska is part of the United States.

Them: "Do you take Canadian?" Me: "No. U.S. currency only." Me in my head: "You're not in fucking Canada, idiot."

No the bookmarks aren't free.

Them: "Is it always this busy?!" Me: "It's not busy. There's only four ships in."

Them: "Oh I don't need the hangers." Me: "I'm not going to give them to you." Have you ever been to a store where they give you the hangers? That's fucking stupid.

Them: "You must love when we come to town!" Me: -smiles- Me in my head: "No, I actually want to chop your face off."

No you can't have twenty bags to "wrap" your twenty presents for your twenty grandchildren.

Me: "Thank you." Them: "You're Welcome." Me in my head: "Fuck you."

Those socks are free with that. Really? I had no idea!

Them: "You've been here since the morning!" Me: "Yeahhhh..." Me in my head: "Kill me now."

And that rang up a dollar ninety-nine?

Do we have to have the coupon to get the discount? If you didn't need the coupon, it wouldn't be a discounted price. It would be a normal price.

Them: "So you live up the mountain down here?" Me: "No. I live about a fifteen minute drive from here." Them: "There's another part of Juneau besides this street?"

So what's it like in the winter when it's completely dark and cold? What the fuck do you think it's like? How does it SOUND?

Is this register open? Well... the sign says "Sorry... This register is closed."

Is this register open? Well... I'm standing here yelling "I can help the next person right here!" with a big smile on my face.

Can you wrap that really good? We're a lonnnnggg ways from home! Hardy harhar! Lemme guess, you live in Seattle.

Well we were at Moonhell Glacier today and...

We're from the ship, do we get a discount? Everyone's from the fucking ship.

Are you Indian Alaskan?

We went on a whale shark trip and...

Them: "Do you have a changing room?" Me: "No." Them: "Well can you just hide me in the back for a minute?" Me: "Umm... no." Me in my head: "What the fuck?"

3/15/06 02:23 am

Hello world. I’m going to Myanmar… formally known as Burma. It’s a dictatorship. A guy was arrested for making a joke about his TV, now he’s in jail for 5 years. There are no ATMS. It cost 12$/min to call internationally (supposedly). There are computers AND internet though. Weird.

I’m so excited to go there! Before, I knew nothing about it. Now we’re learning and I’m stoked. It’s the Buddhist capital of the world. It’s isolated, with only 6000 visitors a year, so they’re going to be happy to see us (the people not the dictatorship). There’s a lot of controversy about us going because on the one side – they’re so isolated that people like visitors and it helps break down the dictatorship a little. On the other, everything is tied to the government so we’re basically supporting the government (financially). And it’s the biggest producer of Opium in the world – and the main producer of heroin for the US – so the gov’t is also tied to the huge drug thing… so we’re making it possible for you guys to shoot up.

Um, I have class. Basically I’m stoked.

P.s. I’m spending way too much money and I think my Dad’s going to shoot me. I don’t want to be broke when I get back. I don’t want to be broke when I get back. I don’t want to be broke when I get back. I don’t want to be broke when I get back. I don’t want to be broke when I get back.

6/1/03 10:30 am

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